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About The Divorce School, Our Faculty, and Our Subjects

The goal of The Divorce School is to provide – at no cost – expert guidance and peer support to all those who are thinking about getting a divorce, separated, or already divorced. The School was inspired by comments left by visitors on our company’s seven websites and social media pages. Their comments lead us to realize our visitors have a lot of questions and concerns that can only be answered by experts – but they have many other questions and concerns that would be better addressed by fellow divorcees who have “been there, and done that” and emerged from the experience with some hard-won wisdom. That’s why we have assembled a faculty of experts and divorcees for The Divorce School, and designed a curriculum that addresses a wide range of divorce-related topics.

We deliberately chose to make the guidance and support available 24/7 in the format of videos and podcasts to make access easier for our participants. You can listen to our sessions while you conduct some of your daily activities – from taking the bus to work to waiting to pick up your kids from school to those few precious minutes at the beginning or the end of the day. Life is hectic at the best of times, and that goes double for divorce when you have all your usual responsibilities plus a series of new challenges to face.

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There is no charge to attend The Divorce School. All you have to do is choose a subject you want to watch or listen to. We hope you will find the guidance and support provided to be practical and transformative.

Please give us your feedback by leaving your comments on our pages. We want to know what you liked, and what you’d like to see more of in the 2017 spring semester. Since the Divorce School is meant to be a supportive place, comments intentionally promoting hatred based on gender, race, religion, etc. and bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

Brought to You by Divorce Magazine and, The Divorce School SponsorDivorce Magazine and celebrated its 20th anniversary in March of 2016. It is the world’s first and only magazine devoted 100% to helping people with their divorce-related issues. With more than 5,000 articles and blogs written by experts, it is the authoritative site on divorce. You will also find a great directory of divorce lawyers and other divorce professionals in your area., The Divorce School is the largest website dedicated to helping mothers with their divorce. As well as having articles written by experts, it has more than 20 active blogs written by divorced moms who generously share their experiences, feelings, and stories with the sole purpose of inspiring others to deal with their divorce-related issues and heal. Join them, so you can laugh, cry, and dream again.

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