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Faculty Member: John K. Grubb, Family Law Attorney, MBA (accounting and finance)

Facilitator: Dan Couvrette, CEO and Publisher of Divorce Magazine, Family Lawyer Magazine, and

When borders are involved, child custody issues become more complex. In this podcast, John K. Grubb discusses international divorce and family law and outlines the options and rights of parents who do not live in the same country. More

John K. Grubb is a Board-Certified Civil Trial Law Specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, with an MBA in accounting and finance who has developed a leading law firm for high-asset divorce in Houston. He has received a number of accolades over his 30-plus year career, including the Martindale-Hubbell’s highest possible “AV” rating for both legal ability and ethical standards. John Grubb also has been rated as one of Houston’s Top Lawyers by H Texas Magazine.

What you will learn from this podcast session: “International Divorce: Custody and Jurisdiction”

father_sad_child2This session will discuss:

  • the legal options for having a child returned after the other parent has taken the child out of the country without your consent
  • whether a foreign court will respect a United States court order to have the child returned
  • factors to consider when dealing with a foreign court in an international custody dispute
  • how a parent seeking to have his/her children returned to the United States can avoid breaking international custody laws
  • whether or not a parent can take the children for a holiday outside of the country without their co-parent’s permission
  • whether or not a parent who has sole custody of the children can move to a different state/country with them, as well as if there’s anything the other parent can do to prevent the move
  • rights a mother has in a case where a paternity test discloses that a father is not the child’s biological parent
  • the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act, including how it’s applied to divorce cases
  • how child support works if the custodial parent lives in a different state or country
  • what happens to child support if the payor moves to another country.

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